Malkuth - Jaboatão dos Guararapes, PE

Extreme Bizarre Seduction (2001)

1. The Cry of Adelain (Embrace the Lesbian Goddess)

2. Deep Melancholy State

3. My Crucial Story About the Jesus Sinner

4. Devil-Bride, Our Erotic Dark Desires

5. Extreme Bizarre Seduction

6. Gilles de Rais, Lord of Rais

7. Lapidis Funebris 06:11

8. ...And Ancient Witches Consume Psychotropic Teas 05:48

9. The Demon's Mark in my Skin 05:51

Fourth Empire (2003)

1. Fourth Empire of Horror and Lust

2. Nokturnal Meeting

3. The Strong Is Stronger Alone

4. LIving Dead In The Summerlands

5. Keys To The Sorrow

6. 666 Reasons To Kill The King Of Jews

7. Hosannah In The Satan's Claws

8. Forgotten Reuins In The Middle Of The Forest

Under Delight of the Black Candle (1997)

1. Intro: In a Ceremony

2. Meditating in the Contemplation's Horizon (Solitude)

3. Under Delight of the Black Candle

Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/143495810/mALKUTH-1997_-_Under_Delight_Of_The..._By_Didizoto__www.dumah-grind.blogspot.com_.rar

The Dance of the Satan's Bitch (1998)

1. The Dance of the Satan's Bitch (For the Tetric and Vamipiric Winds of Hades...) - (Intro)

2. Canção em Lua Negra de Averno

3. Azimã: The Doctrinator of the Sexual Arts

4. Além dos Jardins Nosferáticos

5. Poderoso Sangre de la Serpiente

6. The Great Black Goat God (The Lord of the Flies)

7. Drink Your Own Blood

8. Under Delight of the Black Candle

9. Outro: Reverência ao Bode


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