Mysteriis - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

About The Christian Despair

01. Ave Mysteriis (Baphomet Signs)
02. A Song For Anu
03. Feeling The Ancient Hordes Of The Abyss
04. Blasphemy Calls
05. The Valley Of Triumphant
06. Nocturnal Celebration
07. Diabolical Cosmos Dimensions
08. Sobre O Desespero Cristão (Outro)

Stigmati Diaboli - DCLXVI

1.The Omen
2.Break The Cross
3.Wallachia's Fury
5.Book Of Lies
6.Scorn With Own Blood
7.Marching And Bleeding
8.Evol (Luciferian Prelude)
9.The Time Has Come To End Of The Age Of Christianit
10.DCLXVI - Outro

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